Emergency Health ID Card - the eMedic© 1998
The Life You Save Is Your Own.

Take control of your medical history with the system that collects, stores and reports your medical history.  It is stored on your flash drive and is printed out in letter form or business card form.  Now available in folding business card size.  Why is it necessary to fill out a new medical history form for every new doctor? What if you are unconscious?  Save precious time! Insure the accuracy of your information by recording it while home, ahead of the emergency, where you can reference all your records..  Keep the card in your wallet.  Modify it at will.

Request your doctors to add their notes to your USB drive at each visit.


Take Ownership of Your Medical Past and Future

Who is working for whom?  You give the doctors your medical history and they write their responses in your file.  This program provides the foundation for all doctor office visits. Doctors add their notes, orders and prescriptions.  You take it with you. 

Each person is unique and your health information allows doctors and health personnel to know you as you already know yourself. A Health ID Card identifies your issues easily and effectively. Your emergency care health specialists can act upon your diligent declarations with far greater speed.  Outcomes are better. 

Securely generate your medical card and give doctors a head start in saving your life.